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Crossfader supports and RSS feed associated with a user profile. As of late this value must be a strick RSS feed to work. Ideally if we could do some HTML processing and support other feeds like ATOM that would allow a larger group of feeds consumed in Crossfader.

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DavidKelley wrote Nov 20, 2008 at 12:33 AM

one thing to note that things like blog spot are not piping pure RSS some some users are not able to get it to work. in the case of blogspot you can get the RSS reader in crossfader working by putting ?alt=rss at the end of the feed url. for example mine blogs is:


and as you can see from the attached example it does work although we are not parsing the html that may be in the body of the blog post text. so if you try this also note that you must use lower case 'rss'

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